BIG BIG TRAIN – Miramare (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Featured Video

Taken from the album “The Likes of Us’ out March 1st, 2024
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Lyrics: Miramare

Look out to the sea
From a tower of white stone
A jewel upon the shore
Set in green and aquamarine
Far beyond the place
Where the waves and sky meet
That is where they go
Broken wings won’t fly them home
It’s time to leave
Bands strike up
Playing their marching tunes
All above the boats the flags are flown
Church bells ring over the city streets
It’s time to sail
With the tide
Far away from all they’ve known
Heading south
Making new lives in a new world
Far, far away
At the helm
But the tide is on the turn
Here comes the wave
Higher now
Breaking over the edge

Every falling tear
Turns to stone
And love makes a home

Leave it all behind
Turn their faces downstream
The tower upon the shore
Fades into a memory
It’s time to dream
He would try
To look for distant stars
Lost behind an empire of the clouds
Find a way
Bring help from overseas

They were apart
She would walk in the gardens they had made
Hope that love might bring him home again
Alone and afraid
Cold winds blow
She was looking for one last summer day
All their dreams
Running over the edge

She had lost her head
And he had lost all heart

Cold winds set in from the north
From the mountains down to the shore
Look at the sea
Look at the storm

They are lost out in the deep
Where the rain is pouring down again
Look at the sea
Look at the storm

Look at the sea
They were waiting by the shore
And the rain is pouring down like never before
Church bells sound a funeral toll
A ship of fools
Is home again

Now they say
She still wanders in this place
All alone
Walking at the water’s edge
Far, far away
Holding on but not holding back the tide
Light fades away
Looking out
From the tower of a dream

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Forever Twelve – Eight Billion Heartbeats – Power of Prog Featured Video

Forever Twelve has just released Eight Billion Heartbeats the band’s 3rd video from the latest release Neighborhood of Spirits as our featured video.

Forever Twelve is a Los Angeles, California-based progressive rock band that was founded in the early 90’s by Kenny Hundt and Steve Barberic. The band has had some personnel changes over the years with each new member helping to shape and redefine the sound of what Forever Twelve is today. The latest addition to the band is drummer Robert Craft, formerly of Mars Hollow, Under the Sun, and others.

Music Produced by Forever Twelve
Mixed by Tom Graham and John Baker.
Mastered by John Baker.
Graphics/Cover Photo/Graphic Design: Lisa LaRue-Baker

Video Concept and Production at 785 Arts, LLC

About The Song
“Eight Billion Heartbeats is a song that urges understanding for journeys different than our own. There are no two journeys exactly alike. There are eight billion journeys, and only one planet. How can we possibly make that work? One heartbeat is something we all share, so we start there. One world, one connection inside. Eight Billion Heartbeats.”

Band Members
John Baker: Lead Vocals
Steve Barberic: Keyboards
Tom Graham: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass & Vocals
Robert Craft: Drums

About The Band
Forever Twelve is a Los Angeles, California-based progressive rock band that was founded in the early 90’s by Kenny Hundt and Steve Barberic. The band has had some personnel changes over the years with each new member helping to shape and redefine the sound of what Forever Twelve is today. The latest addition to the band is drummer Robert Craft, formerly of Mars Hollow, Under the Sun, and others.

Recommended if you like AmuZeum, Mars Hollow, Greta Van Fleet, Heliopolis, Box of Shamans, Maze of Time, and Vienna Circle

Forever Twelve Online

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BIG BIG TRAIN – Miramare (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Featured Video

Taken from the album “The Likes of Us’ out March 1st, 2024

The award-winning progressive rock band BIG BIG TRAIN release their 15th studio album via InsideOut Music on March 1, 2024, marking the first full release with new frontman Alberto Bravin (ex-PFM). The anxiously-awaited unveiling of ‘The Likes Of Us’ follows BIG BIG TRAIN’s massively successful recent European tour, which saw them perform 17 concerts across nine countries, concluding with two triumphant appearances at London’s Cadogan Hall. The album is a stunning piece of work that retains all the elements that make the band so special, including absorbing and memorable arrangements and first-rate musicianship.

Clare Lindley 
Nick D’Virgilio 
Alberto Bravin 
Rikard Sjöblom​ 
Gregory Spawton 
Dave Foster 
Oskar Holldorff

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Captain of the Lost Waves Releases ‘Noise and Amusements’ Music Video 

– December 13, 2023

We are happy to announce that on December 13th Captain of the Lost Waves will release his sixth official music video from his exceptionally well-received album Hidden Gems Chapter 3 – Mysterium Tremendum, the new video is an alternative acoustic space synth version of the single ‘Noise and Amusements’ which has been remixed and remastered for this release.

Watch the video here

Produced by COTLW ( Shaun T Hunter ) and Damian Clark

Captain – Vocals/Bouzouki 
Damian Clark – Synths/Keyboards 
Wendy Ross – Violin 

Artwork – Matthew Radford…

Video by Nick Bloomfield:/ @nickbloomfield

In related news, a New Album Crowded Funding Project has been launched to help pay for the completion of the stunning new album “Beautiful Ugly”.

The captain makes his return nearly 18 months after a life-changing road traffic accident where both he and his family were caught up in a police car chase resulting in being hit by the stolen vehicle.

During the challenges of such a stark rehabilitation, music was miraculously still being created, albeit in a very slow, labored, and somewhat sedate ‘late-night fashion’. Strong painkillers/opioids became ‘married’ to those rare and fleeting moments of energetic impulses that screamed out to be expressed – hence a reflective, healing, contemplative album emerged.

The 9-track album Beautiful Ugly will be released on the bespoke American label Melodic Revolution Records in Sept 2024. It was made with just 3 players, The Captain on Voice/Bouzouki/Guitar, Damian Clark on Keys/Synths, and Wendy Ross on Violin.

Being a writer who follows such persistent whispers, prods, and an almost otherworldly invitation with deep reverence to the process, The Captain felt compelled to bring this album into existence despite the circumstances that prevailed.

A crowdfunding campaign has inevitably begun considering all that has preceded it. All monies pay for production, recording, design, engineering, and mastering. promotion costs etc.
If you would like to help in any way or be involved, please go to

You can be an essential part of the crowdfunding journey and any donation, however big or small, is welcome. The single £3, price of a coffee is often as vital to the overall picture as those larger gifts. 

About Captain Of The Lost Waves
The Captain is a troubadour, storyteller, and free-thinking renegade. His musical offerings are inspired by the great songwriters and philosophers of yesteryear. This is visceral music for the mind and body, full of dreamy verses, life-affirming choruses, and sheer audacity. Where melodic invention meets alternative folk, progressive, world, and ambient sounds.
He is not just the figurehead of his musical vessel, he’s ringmaster, bard, master of ceremonies, and sage. There’s far more to him and his absurdly engaging world than any of your ten–a–penny musical stars. Seen through showers of glitter, kaleidoscopic lens flares, and the rainbows of a million puddles. The Captain tells sonic stories to connect with everyone past, present, and future.  

(Full Bio Here)
Captain Of The Lost Waves Ko-Fi link

Captain Of The Lost Waves Discography
Not Your Average Love Song – Single (2023) Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 3 (2022) CD, Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 2 (2019) CD, Digital & Streaming
Synthesis (2028) LP, CD, Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 1 (2017) CD, Digital & Streaming 

Solo Releases as Shaun T. Hunter
Still Talking Scribble (2010) CD, Digital & Streaming
Thinnest Hopes Magnified (2009) CD, Digital & Streaming
The Great Departure (2007) CD, Digital & Streaming
Flying Not Falling (2004) CD, Digital & Streaming 

Captain Of The Lost Waves Online
Bandcamp: North America:
Bandcamp: Europe:

Bookings and Media
07889 860819
07803 289381
[email protected] 

Melodic Revolution Records Online

Naryan releases a topical cover of a Mike Oldfield classic

Finnish art rock group Naryan releases a cover of a Mike Oldfield classic “Nuclear” on Friday, December 8th. The track will be included in Naryan’s upcoming fourth album, due to be released in 2024.

We wanted to craft a version of this great song with a fresh vision while maintaining the spirit of the original. The fact that the track celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2024 is just the cherry on top“,states vocalist Tommi Niemi.

The song is also frighteningly topical in the current political climate“, adds guitarist Raino Ketola.

Naryan’s own production is melancholic rock with touches of cinematic, progressive and classical music. On Nuclear, the violin brings a new haunting layer to the track, keeping the band’s trademark sound intact.

Video game references

The original Nuclear is a part of Oldfield’s Man on the Rocks album, but many a fan recognizes the track also from Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer. 

Our own back catalogue features plenty of tracks suitable for cinematic and game productions. It would be great if our version of Nuclear led people to discover our work in more depth“, reflects pianist Linda Kuoppala

A combination of beauty and darkness

Naryan’s active presence in social media TikTok has brought swathes of new listeners to the band during recent months. 

Feedback from new listeners has pushed us to develop our new material even further. Our fourth album is shaping up to be our best to date“, states guitarist and founding member Lauri Kovero

Naryan’s next original single is set to be released early 2024. More live dates including domestic and a select few European shows will be released shortly.

About Naryan

Naryan is a Finnish band, founded in 2005, playing melancholic rock. In addition to their homeland, they’ve played in the Netherlands and Belgium. The band has released 3 full length albums so far and the fourth is currently under construction. Naryan’s music is a combination of beauty, darkness and melancholy.


Tommi Niemi -Vocals
Lauri Kovero -Guitar
Raino Ketola -Guitar
Tommi Tanhuanpää -Drums
Linda Kuoppala -Piano
Jarno Forsman -Bass
Henriina Marin -Violin

Naryan online









Apple Music:

XANDRIA Releases New Official Video for “Your Stories I’ll Remember”

Leading symphonic metal band, XANDRIA, have released a new official video for fan favorite “Your Stories I’ll Remember”. The track is taken from XANDRIA’s latest and most successful album to date, ‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’, which peaked at #9 on the official German album charts.

XANDRIA returned with an impressive new lineup, enchanting their fans with new songs during this year’s ongoing European tour with label mates DELAIN. The two symphonic metal frontrunners will play three more shows in the Netherlands and Belgium from November 17-19. XANDRIA is also looking forward to their headline tour through the UK, Germany and Switzerland with Phantom Elite and Skarlett Riot, kicking off on November 25th.

Watch the Official Video for “Your Stories I’ll Remember”

XANDRIA opens an exciting chapter with the eighth studio album, ‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’. Mastermind Marco Heubaum returns with a new lineup and leads the band once again into wonderful spheres, without renouncing their characteristic trademarks. The impressive vocal wealth of Ambre Vourvahis – ranging from rock grit, operatic highs and even death metal growls – opens the unit’s sound to a wider palette of colors. Songs like the opening epic “Two Worlds”, “The Wonders Still Awaiting” and “Ghosts” manifest the thematic mood of the album while constructing incredible soundscapes of pure symphonic metal. XANDRIA addresses issues of social inequality and the quest for a just world. “Paradise” showcases some of the album’s strongest hooks, captivating with great metallic pop melodies. The veil of various influences is lifted once more in “Illusion Is Their Name”, dashing all deception with heavy power metal vibes. Tracks like “Your Stories I’ll Remember” and “Scars” show the intimate side of XANDRIA on one hand, while combining rhythmic heaviness on the other. The latter is reminiscent of a James Bond theme, dressed in a heavy musical soundscape. The epic nine minute album closer “Astéria”, featuring Greek lyrics written by Ambre Vourvahis, lands as the album’s exclamation point, proving with a grand finish that the five-piece has fearlessly started a revolution in the symphonic metal genre – commencing an impressive new era of XANDRIA with ‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’.

‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’ Track List:

1. Two Worlds

2. Reborn

3. You Will Never Be Our God

4.  The Wonders Still Awaiting

5. Ghosts

6. Your Stories I’ll Remember

7. My Curse Is My Redemption

8. Illusion Is Their Name

9. Paradise

10. Mirror Of Time

11. Scars

12. The Maiden And The Child

13. Astèria


Beyond Dark Waters 2023

w/ Delain

17.11.23 NL – Zoetermeer / De Boerderij

18.11.23 NL – Enschede / Metropol – Sold Out

19.11.23 BL – St. Niklaas / De Casino

The Wonders Still Awaiting Tour 2023

w/ Phantom Elite, Skarlett Riot

26.11.23 UK – Manchester / Club Academy

27.11.23 UK – London / The Dome

28.11.23 DE – Bochum / Matrix

29.11.23 DE – Nürnberg / Hirsch

30.11.23 CH – Münchenstein / Rockfact

02.12.23 CZ – Zlín / Winter Masters Of Rock*

03.12.23 DE – Erfurt / From Hell

*Festival show without Phantom Elite, Skarlett Riot

Festival 2024

31.07 – 03.08.24 DE – Wacken / Wacken Open Air


Ambre Vourvahis – Vocals

Marco Heubaum – Guitar

Robert Klawonn – Guitar

Tim Schwarz – Bass

Dimitrios Gatsios – Drums