I am really excited about 2014, as 2013 was one of the best years for prog. The proof is all around us, 2014 was one of the best years in modern memory for great prog releases. Facebook seems to be sprouting up more and more prog group pages, the sad thing is that all the pages seem to be the same seem to have the same old posts, really… how many times do we need to see a video post on Yes, Dream Theater or Rush just to name but a few. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but let’s move onward and upward so many great bands have risen because of these bands.

Loads of new internet radio stations seem to be popping up all around us, and Power of Prog is becoming a well established resource for bands to be discovered. Even our name is becoming well established I am seeing links to our site on bands web and facebook pages, even CD & DVD releases. We are honored that so many of you have made this site your home.

We are now into our 5th year with this site and over 1600 members strong, I would like to thank you all for making this the number one social network site specifically dedicated to one of the world’s best genres. Please keep posting great videos, adding great new music, and participating or creating Forum and Group pages. Post your news on our blog pages and keep those event pages loaded up.    

I have just made it even easier for you to find things by adding tab links to your favorite pages and is now visible on everyone’s page. If you have news like an upcoming album release etc; please feel free to send me the info and I will post it in our news section. In the coming weeks I will be updating the Directory’s, if you are a Band a Label, Radio Station or have a Magazine etc; and you do you not see your name listed please drop me a line and I will post that info…

Again thank you all for making 2013 a great year, looking forward to all this year has to offer.
Here’s wishing you all a great New Year.
Cheers Nick