They said it couldn’t be done. Not sure who “they” are but man it seemed far-fetched that we’d ever reconvene 3RDegree after our January 1997 breakup. Even though in late ’97 when no one was looking we actually recorded Marillion’s “That Time Of The Night (the short straw)” for a tribute album that never happened it felt like that ship had sailed. After that it was over except for some side projects involving no more than a few of us at a time. Anyway, the story is told in the inside of the album liner notes but when Robert, Rob & Pat met in December of 2005 and decided to reform the band, demos for new songs were then created, re-arranging of old songs never finished ensued and George was included a few months later so that by late 2006 we were recording what would be an album of the same name as a new RJP demo called “Narrow-Caster” which basically laid out exactly how the band would approach the next decade. Instead of going crazy trying to “make it” as they once did, they’d instead narrow in on the pockets of people who might like their type of music enabled by something that really took hold in the time they spent apart: the internet…and to a great extent: social media.

Anyway, you probably know the rest but joined our legion with 2012’s The Long Division or our latest Ones & Zeros albums. If you look at the “crossover prog” page on you will see our 2008 album Narrow-Caster as one of the revolving “overlooked and obscure gems” and we kind of agree. We’ve put out better albums since (IMHO) but Narrow-Caster was a real bridge from where we were in the 90’s to who we’d become in the 10’s. It was our calling card for a bunch of years as we tried creating a name for ourselves by make friends in various places of the prog world be it radio, the festivals, review websites or with fans on line and at the shows. This would all pay off to our great surprise with our 2009 ProgDay invitation.

Narrow-Caster served us well but would be surpassed in popularity quite quickly with our subsequent releases. We’d love you to take a first-or another-look at our 2008 album that debuted in the merch room at NEARfest that year in jewel case form and then in December with our first “eco-wallet” that would be copied for every release after. This was the “blueprint” if you will, featured all over the CD sleeve.

For the occasion, we are throwing in-for a limited time-many of the demos members of the band made for other members of the band to hear of songs that made the album. Also, we’ve included some songs that never made the album in various states of “finished” and we threw in a one-time-only performance of the title track from our living room.

  • This offer is good only for CD purchase. There will be no download-only Narrow-Caster 10th Anniversary edition, however you will receive the download of the album proper and the bonus tracks in download form with your CD purchase.
  • For those of you who have the album already and would like the bonus tracks, please do one of two things. Send us an email or message on Facebook, Tweet or whatever with a photo of your Narrow-Caster CD (preferably with you holding it, smiling, fully-clothed) and then we’ll know you bought it already and we’ll send you a link to the bonus disk.


1. A Capella open
This is a strange experiment Patrick recorded with various melodies from the album. Almost an overture of sorts.
2. Narrow-Caster (live in the living room 4/11/09)
This is a spirited version of the song (faster) with bass, drums, piano and vocals featuring Dan D’Elia on drums along with RJP and George. You may hear Eric Pseja on cowbell too!
3. Apophenia (George Demo)
4. Doesn’t Quite Belong (Demo)
A pretty acoustic number we played at our ’07 Reunion Concerts and recorded for the album but never finished.
5. It Works (George Demo)
6. Home In The Clouds (The Future Doesn’t Need You early version)
This is a song we played live in ’07 and was from ’96. By this point it was in it’s 2nd melodic incarnation with the third featured on our new album Ones & Zeros: vol. 0. It was called “Home In The Clouds” in the first two versions.
7. Heaven Is (Cautionary Tale early version)
A 90’s era demo recording of just drums, rough vocal and keyboards to get the idea down of the song “Heaven Is” which later became “Cautionary Tale”.
8. Live With This Forever (Robert Demo)
An 90’s era demo
9. The Art Of Being Alone
This is a mixed and “finished” version of another pretty number we played in ’07 at our Reunion Concerts. It was “released” on a one-time-only EP we named SNEAK PEAKS.
10. Scenery (Patrick Demo)
11. Narrow-Caster (Robert Demo)
12. The Last Gasp (Patrick Demo)
13. Scenery (A Capella reprise)
Just a little idea Pat had to call back to “Scenery”.

at The Waiting Room
Rahway, NJ
Robert Richardson of Cell 15  8:00
3RDegree  9:00