A very special thank you to Ed Unitsky for the wonderful Power of Prog Site banner and artwork which was originally created as demo artwork for MANNING, and a special thank to Guy Manning

Ed Unitsky is an international visual artist and designer, well known for his surrealistic fantasy images and mesmerizing album covers. He designed cover art for the albums of The Tangent, Guy Manning, The Flower Kings, Tomas Bodin, Starcastle, D’Arcana, Jay Tausig, Robert Svilpa, Laurie Larson, Moongarden, Unitopia, Mandalaband, Nine Stones Close, Oresund Space Collective, Jim Crean, Silhouette, Riversea and many others, primarily progressive rock bands and musicians. There are more than 60 CD, DVD, digital albums, vinyl releases with his artworks at the moment. Working in the field of the digital art Ed Unitsky has created a number of artworks for other music projects as well – from logos to stage set designs. Ed has got thousands of completed spiritual artworks and continues to design album covers while expanding his artistic energies to his personal artwork pursuits.
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Ed Unitsky Official Website: www.edunitsky.com
Official Facebook fanpage www.facebook.com/Ed.Unitsky.fanpage
Official Store www.edunitsky-store.com
Power Of Prog: https://powerofprog.com/profile/EdUnitsky

Guy Manning Official Website:  www.guymanning.com
Power of Prog: https://powerofprog.com/profile/GuyManning
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guy.manning.716