The Affinity Oeuvre is the 4th Aethellis release and features a collection of instrumentals and songs with lyrics that reflect the challenges people have faced in the past few years. The music styles are eclectic as well, ranging from prog-rock to new wave to pop to jazz fusion; the diversity being representative of the diverse situations people have experienced recently. The latest Aethellis release differs from the previous three as the spotlight is on guitarist/vocalist Mark Van Natta, both compositionally and vocally. Ellsworth Hall and Erik Marks still contributed to the album, however, adding their signature composition styles.

1. Anandia 12:36
2. Affinifunk 03:26
3. Pathdancer 05:28
4. Dreams On Pause 03:40
5. Do Like I Do 03:15
6. Chicago News 03:35
7. Another Car 04:23
8. Let Me Be Me 03:33
9. The Stennis Compromise 02:09
10. Why Do You Keep Fighting 05:03
11. RIP 04:32

Aethellis is:

Ellsworth Hall – Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Drum Controller
Mark Van Natta – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Erik Marks – Bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ellstudio, Timonium MD, USA
Portions recorded at the Van Natta home studio, Cockeysville MD, USA

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