The 4th album by Aethellis is now available worldwide and features a collection of instrumentals and songs with lyrics that reflect the challenges people have faced in the past few years. The music styles are eclectic as well, ranging from prog-rock to new wave to pop to jazz fusion; the diversity being representative of the diverse situations people have experienced recently. 

The latest Aethellis release differs from the previous three as the spotlight is on guitarist/vocalist Mark Van Natta, both compositionally and vocally. Ellsworth Hall and Erik Marks still contributed to the album, however, adding their signature composition styles.

The album The Affinity Oeuvre is available as a limited edition pressing and as a digital download.

1. Anandia 12:36
2. Affinifunk 03:26
3. Pathdancer 05:28
4. Dreams On Pause 03:40
5. Do Like I Do 03:15
6. Chicago News 03:35
7. Another Car 04:23
8. Let Me Be Me 03:33
9. The Stennis Compromise 02:09 
10. Why Do You Keep Fighting 05:03 
11. RIP 04:32

Aethellis is:

Ellsworth Hall – Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Drum Controller 
Mark Van Natta – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Erik Marks – Bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ellstudio, Timonium MD, USA 
Portions recorded at the Van Natta home studio, Cockeysville MD, USA

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