Melodic Revolution Records are proud to announce the signing of Roads to Damascus for the release of the bands second album R2D2. Roads to Damascus are five piece rock band from the North-East corner of Scotland. A place of castles, where those myths and legends REALLY happened! Their philosophy is simple…progression with accessibility. Weaving lyrical melody with melodic lyrics.

Through a gamut of emotions whilst maintaining memorable hooks is top priority. And no mean feat! In 2008, as guitarist and writer Calum Jamieson neared completion of an hour long concept piece entitled Roads to Damascus, he realized that he needed a singer who could help bring the songs to life. He found like-minded Steve Simms, who added his own drama to the dark and sometimes tongue in cheek word-play, contributing lyrics to some (at that time) instrumentals and editing some phrasing to suit his vocal style.

‘‘Those lines are great, but I’ll need to BREATHE at some point…’’

Steve Simms 2008. Enlisting the help of a young local drummer, they set about recording their eponymous album, with Calum Jamieson playing all the other instruments and additional percussion. ROADS TO DAMASCUS was released in December 2009. ROADS TO DAMASCUS then set about recruiting some members, finding drummer (Diamond) Dave White and bassist Mike Bruce locally. Both have vast past experience and although having never met, within an hour of playing together, had developed their own brand of ‘rhythm section telepathy.’ The role of keyboardist was a harder position to fill however…

2010 was a year of chaos for the band with domestic issues to the fore, with the Jamieson and Simms families moving to new homes and Calum sustaining an almost career ending fractured wrist.

‘’I have to hold the guitar at a weird angle now ‘cos my bloody arm’s WARPED!’’ Calum Jamieson 2011. It was amidst this chaos and recuperation that Jamieson and Simms wrote the second album, R2D2. Again, the lyrics are deeply personal in places, flippant in others and represent an insight into ‘where we are’ right now.

The music has more depth, yet is instantly memorable. R2D2 was recorded at Calum’s place in sporadic bursts over 2011, with the new members adding a dynamic boost to the sound. In the absence of a keyboardist, Calum assumed the role, as well as handling the guitars, mixing and mastering of the project.

Whist in the midst of mixing R2D2, the band recruited a real musician, Mo Hammond, to fill the vacant keyboard stool Mo is a fantastic pianist and harp player.

ROADS TO DAMASCUS are many things… they are musicians, writers, parents, appreciators of fine food, friends and grown-ups. But more than that, they are proof that in an age where youth and a hunger for the trappings of celebrity are the new gods…talent, an ear for melody and a love of MUSIC still prevails.

Track Listing:

1. Ghosts
2. Liven your Mind (Part 2)
3. Warcry
4. Frustration
5. Morning After
6. That Smile
7. Forever a Picture
8. Early Hours
9. Liven your Mind (Part1)
10. I Dream in Mirrors


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