A Melodic Revolution Records News Bulletin:

A year ago, Amadeus Awad’s EON the collaborative project between Amadeus Awad and vocalist Elia Monsef set sails and went for a progressive metal concept album under the name “The Book Of Gates”. After few hiccups along the way as a result of previous collaborators’ departure, Monsef and Awad decided to carry on and continue the production of the EP.

Here is the Official Line up for the EP.
Russell Allen ( Symphony X ) on vocals as the Pharaoh
Amanda Somerville ( Aina, Trillium, Avantasia) on vocals as the Queen of the Nile.
Elia I. Monsef (Amadeus Awad, Ostura) on vocals as the Necromancer.
Amadeus Awad on all Guitars.
Kevin Moore (official) (OSI, X Dream Theater, on keyboards, and synths).
Elyes Bouchoucha ( Myrath on additional keyboards ).
Dan Veall on Bass Guitar.
Timo Tolkki as a guest lead guitar ( X Stratovarius, Avalon).
John Macaluso ( Yngwie Johann Malmsteen, Ark ) Drums also on Drums Perc.

Book of Gates is scheduled to be released on the 13th Of February 2014.
For further information: https://www.facebook.com/AmadeusAwadsEON and at http://mrrmusic.com

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