Many roads and views as one… New Anima Mundi album in the process.
Anima Mundi reinvents itself for 2020…

For us, these days seem calm and far from stages but is, in contrast, one of the most creative moments we ever have to surround us. Compositions, arrangements, lyrics, concepts, production design, sonorities, effects and tones selection, the imaginative creation of a world and its build-up. Exciting!!! But also fun…Thousands of questions and the responsibility to find the answers to each one of them although some answers be a doubt itself and bring with it a question again.

How to face this new 7th studio album, from every single of its elements?

Well, we have decided, to make music we love but inside the praxis and exercise of another point of view, perspectives and attitudes, avoiding the practice to visit commonplaces of the past and trying to leave no trace of dead music and aesthetics. The band must think in it as a kind of unique way to made music and ideas, to face it as a creative process as free as much each member is able to. This way of making has made us look over our own steps carefully taking more time to give a musical or artistic solution as done. We have started to glimpse the future about the new album and we have to say we feel very pleased…
More details about it very soon… 

Anima Mundi
Roberto Díaz,
Virginia Peraza,
Yaroski Corredera,
Marco Alonso,
Aivis Prieto Bauta