199X is the New Official Music Video from Anuryzm taken from the bands latest release “All Is Not For All”

According to the band the new music video “199X” is a homage to the 90′s!! Skateboard culture, retro video gaming, summer jobs and of course the hot girl next door crush!! All these elements culminate in catchy riffs and heartfelt lyrics as the band pay tribute to a period in time which they feel very influenced by.

“Back then, metal was seeing an emergence from glam and speed/thrash to more groove-inspired and technical songwriting structure” explains John Bakhos, Lead Guitarist.

“John and I really forged our skills covering a lot of 90s metal when we were in high school, and the atmosphere of brotherhood among metal bands back then on those awesome summer tours, really inspired us to tell our 90s story, growing up in the U.A.E, while simultaneously paying tribute to the atmosphere and creativity of the time period.” according to Nadeem Michel Bibby, vocalist.

“The older we get; and as we befriend many of our 90s musical heroes, the more we realize that they grew up with hopes and dreams just like us and most importantly, the drive to innovate and inspire.

199X was Filmed at 86 Cycles in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. 
Produced by Anuryzm & Elia Mssawir 
Directed & Edited by Omar Hassib.

Anuryzm is…
Nadeem Michel Bibby – Vocals
John Bakhos – Guitars
Jay Jahed – Synths
John Laham – Drums

All Is Not For All is available now via Melodic Revolution Records 

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Management: Elia Mssawir 
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