December 1st, 2023

Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to announce Arnoldo’s Lizards is back with “Happy Without Your Consent” their follow-up to the digital-only album “Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment” released in 2021, and the new album features eight new songs including the singles, Tonight, Keep it On, and American Dream.

Happy Without Your Consent” began to take shape in late 2021 amid a series of catastrophic coincidences that filtered through music as a healing method.

The entire album is intense. It exposes the routines we subject ourselves to day in and day out, often without full awareness of how others’ actions impact our sleep at night. Starting with ‘American Dream,’ a song dedicated to those who believe they can live at the expense of others’ dreams, shattering everything in their path for a glimpse of power, the album aims to reflect on the constant contradiction we experience just by being humans. We touch, destroy, rebuild, and are reborn again.

Vanity, betrayal, anger, and distrust are the emotions harbored within this album, aspiring to convey a clear message: no matter what happens, our only path is to never stop creating art.

Defying political correctness, we offer a message to be explored internally and another to surrender to intensity in a nighttime mosh pit. The album believes in the fusion of euphoria and joy within a worn-out and discouraged individual because that’s why we live: to sing about the broken and to remind them that as long as there is life, there are reasons to create.


1. American Dream 03:35
2. Keep It On 02:39
3. Porno Star 02:26
4. Arabic Song 03:21
5. Tonight 02:46
6. Mood Of Dance 03:18
7. I Suprise You 03:22
8. Think It All 03:01

The Band

Alvare Goco: lead vocals and backing vocals.
Jack Dimensions: backing vocals, keyboards, Hammond, synthesizers and programming.
Ezequiel Volpe: bass.
Gustavo Ciambotti: drums.
Elías Ciambotti: electric guitars.
Enrico Barboza: electric guitars.
Juan Anté: electric guitars.
Nacho Sosa: electric guitars.
Andres Guazzelli: backing Vocals, additional programming.
Willjoy: vocals.
Wilko Wilkes: vocals.

Additional Credits

Recorded at Ombligo con Pelusa Records, La Nona Studio, REDRUM, (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
and Ringo Records, La Plata, Argentina.
Mixed by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Mastered by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Artwork by Agustin Pannagio, Argentina.
Produced by Jack Dimensions.

The band infuses Progressive Art Rock with a dash of Avant-garde, Dance, Pop, and many other influences. 

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