April 22, 22 (soil)
Venue: Kichijōji Silver Elephant
OPEN:17:30 START:18:00
Event Title: ARS NOVA FEST

Appearance Band:
① Women’s ARS NOVA: the male version ars nova
It was reorganized as a double-Keyboard, only for female members, which was reorganized last year.
熊谷Keiko(Keyboard)、中嶋Mika(keyboard)、 柴田Shinko(bass)、 高橋Akiko(Drums)
Guest: in the entrance, Hitomi (violin)

➁ the guest band: The Original ARS NOVA: The Original ARS NOVA
A member of the first year of formation. The Keyboard Trio.
圭子Tsubata(keyboard)、京子Kanazawa(bass) 浩Kawamura(drums)

③ 現行アルスノヴァ:The present line-up Ars Nova
Current member. The Guitar and drums are a male’s powerful lineup.

Charge: Advance 3000 Yen (plus drink), and the day of the day, plus plus drink.

Tickets are available in order to enter your reservation by booking on the date of the 22th anniversary of the 22th anniversary.

Silver Elephant HP: