Well its been a long road of daily diligence, and we’re proud to announce to our loyal listeners that Evership II will be released on October 19, 2018! What took 10 years has been done in 10 months! An exhausted but excited Shane is currently mastering an hour and five minutes of new Evership music before making the drop to the retail machinery the day before the band leaves for New Jersey to perform at ProgStock! The new album has the same stunning artwork style as the debut, by Philip Willis.

Cover art and illustrations by Philip Willis.

Track Listing:
1. The Serious Room (7:52)
2. Monomyth (10:42)
3. Real or Imagined (8:17)
4. Wanderer (7:39)
5. Isle of the Broken Tree (I. Castaway, II. Meadow of Shades, III. My Father’s Friend, IV. Hall of Visions, V. My Own Worst Enemy, VI. The Tree and the Door) (28:24)

All words, music, arrangements, production, engineering, programming, recording, mixing, mastering and art concept by Shane Atkinson, with the exception of “Meadow of Shades”, with words and music by Shane Atkinson and Dan Bracken.


Beau West: Lead Vocals
Shane Atkinson: Keyboards, Drums and Percussion, Vocals
James Atkinson: Lead Guitars
John Rose: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Classical Guitar and Slide Guitar
Ben Young: Bass and Chapman Stick

Joel Grumblatt performed a portion of drums on The Serious Room (Recorded live at RoSFest in 2017)
Jesse Hardin performed a portion of the guitar solo on The Serious Room (Recorded live at RoSFest in 2017)

Additional Backing Vocals: Mike Priebe, Amelia West
Orchestra: Allison Cowan, Asa Graham Hartley, Nicelle Priebe, Gracie Staggenborg and Emily Walsh
Featuring the Charles Heimermann Chorale

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