The highly anticipated new album MegaDream by Melodic Revolution Records Recording Artist AzaZello is almost ready for release, the music has been recorded, mixed & mastered even the lavish artwork has been completed by world famous fantasy artist Ed Unitsky.  

MegaDream is the 8th album by AzaZello and the first new album since 2011. MegaDream includes ten new tracks + one bonus track. MegaDream also features some very special guest including: Bill Berends (MASTERMIND), Kerry ‘Kompost’ Chicoine (MARS HOLLOW, HELIOPOLIS) & Misha Ogorodov (PM’GONG, DDT, etc.)

Now the band is reaching out to its friends and fans, old and new to help fund the pressing of MegaDream. Album fundraising is nothing new in-fact even before many of the popular fundraising sites there have been bands like Marillion that have reached out for fans to be involved in the recording and release process.  

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AzaZello is:
Alexandr Kulak – Guitars, Bass, keyboards, Flute, Vocals, & Percussions.
Yan Zhenchak – Lead and Backing Vocals & Violin
Vladimir Kulak – Keyboards
Vladimir Demakov – Drums & Percussions (R.I.P. 12.10.11)

Special Guest:
Bill Berends (MASTERMIND) – Solo Guitar (2, 9)
Kerry ‘Kompost’ Chicoine (Mars Hollow, Heliopolis ) Bass (2,3,10)
Misha Ogorodov (PM’GONG, DDT, etc.) – Moog Solo (8)
Alexey Telelyuev – Key Solo (2); Keys (4,7)
Oleg Panchenko – Electic guitar solo (2)
Dmitry Bakay – Bass (7)
Eugeny Berlizev – Drums (3)
Arina Kiryushina – Voice (2,3,5)
Alena Kulak – Voice (10)
Leo Kulak – Voice (10)

Music Recorded at: Volos Records Tynda, Russia
Vocals Recorded at ISF Studio Minsk, Belarus
Mixed and Mastered by Alexandr Denezhkin
Khabarovsk (Russia), Alt’Era Records

Track Listing:
1. Zero Hour 01:03
2. A Losing Game 09:18
3. MegaDream 03: 28
4. Across the Frontier 07:38
5. Between Two Worlds 01:50
6. Nothing but a Shade 09:02
7. Live to See Tomorrow 05:16
8. Carnal Caravan 07:40
9. On the Other Side 05:18
10. Run in Parallel (Leo) 04:33
Bonus Track:
11. Requiem 07:25