Part 2B of The Circle of Confusion of Tongues Trilogy “The Big Everything” EP available for Pre-Order, The CD is a Limited Edition of only 75 Numbered CDs “The Big Everything” EP is also available as a high-quality Download via Melodic Revolution Records Catalog No. MRR-CD-2216 

Included With The CD Is A Full Colour A4 Poster Of The Front Cover (“Face Melt”) By Andy White Plus A Mystery Babal Item!!.

1. The Big Everything (19:34)
2. Beggars To Chance (8:50)

Part 2B of BABAL’s “The Circle of Confusion of Tongues” trilogy moves into epic musical territory with the EP, “The Big Everything/ Beggars to Chance”. (total running time 28:24)

“The Big Everything” begins with a bluesy/jazz invitation to experience the grand design of life imagined. Shifting moods and musical motifs smoothly, this track winds along a tale of desire, yearning, and soul-searching.

At times the piece is almost medieval in tone and color, moving out towards a dark folk-tale ending. Progressive, cinematic and deeply seductive, this piece links specifically to “The Glacier” track from last years’ EP (Part 2A)
“Beggars to Chance” is a protest and survive song – backed by tight rhythmic drums, bass, keyboards, and guitar synths/solos.

The plaintive call to arms speaks of dying to life and living in the moment – recurring lyrical themes for Karen Langley in this trilogy.
The beautiful psychedelic art of Andy White graces this EP, together with the intense, avant-garde artwork of Paul Kopal; all pieced together by the skillful Rachel Armour.

Digested description; A tempestuous Babal-Noir trip; hard-boiled bedlam mixed with transcendental corridors of communication. Musically inventive and arranged and produced with passionate intensity.
“Here we go, here we go, here we go…….”

Watch The Big Everything Teaser Below

Karen Langley – Vocals, lyrics, arrangements
Rob Williams – Guitars/synthesis
Jon Sharp – Drums

Guest artists:
Paul Smith – Bass on “The Big Everything” 
Zoie Green – Keyboards on “Beggars To Chance”
Ben Balsom – Bass on “Beggars To Chance”

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