The Far Meadow is the product of several previous collaborations, combining influences from bands past and genres from metal to jazz with a healthy dose of innovation that has produced a distinctive, free-flowing sound. This new album – the first with the current lineup – is a full-blooded expression of this sound, developing many years of musical experience and experimentation into one harmonious whole that encapsulates the intensity of their explosive live performances.

David Elliott of BEM says: “Since seeing them at Resonance, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what The Far Meadow have to offer, and suffice it to say I haven’t been disappointed. This is a wholly unique album with a brilliant sound and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!”

‘Given The Impossible’ releases on 4th November 2016. Order your copy now from the BEM Music store and you get an immediate download of the track ‘Dinosaurs’:

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