Facebook sucks. Yes, I said it. Facebook recently changed the way they display bands in your Newsfeed. Pilgrimsprog on Facebook posts went from reaching 30-60 people to reaching 3-9 people. That means that people who Like my page do not see updates in their Newsfeed. Why? Because Facebook wants us to pay for ads to reach the same people who Liked us before. Example is the Gothard Sisters, who have 10K fans and now their posts reach less than 1000.

So who does this really affect? YOU. You will not be able to see updates from not just Pilgrimsprog, but all your fave bands.

Solution: Please join my e-mailing list and you won’t miss the big stuff. You can join the mailing list by goihg to www.pilgrimsprog.com and you will see the “Become a Fan” over on the right.

Or follow me on Twitter.