Behind The Wall – KingBathmat – New 9 min Track on Power of Prog (check our page to listen to it in full)

Behind The Wall” is the 5th release from KingBathmat of 2012. This track weighs in at 9mins 16 secs. And is in my opinion the best KingBathmat track so far. Lyrically it retains a metaphysical theme of ontological positivisim or opposingly, depending on your stance, of existential gobbledygook.

There is a free lo-fi mp3 version encoded at 112kbps available at

A Hi-Quality Download is available in many different formats at bandcamp for 0.99p.

This track is Podsafe and is available for podcasts and radio, and for embedding into your blog (if you have one) if you play this on a podcast or radio station, or write a review of it on your blog, please let us know so that we can reciprocate your love and link to you. The next track should be available in 2/3 weeks time.