Just a few short years ago I discovered the music of Blake Carpenter on an internet radio station that I DJ on. It was Blake’s first release “Dream Things True” by the The Minstrel’s Ghost. This is the album that drew me in and got me asking questions, who is this man, where did he come from, and where is he going.Not long after those questions I realized there was potential here and I wanted to work with this artist. The outcome has been nothing short of an honor to work with this talented Vocalist and Multi-instrumentalist.


Voice of the Enslaved – S/T – October 7th 2014 (MRR)

Corvus Stone – Corvus Stone II – September 30th 2014 (MRR)

The Minstrel’s Ghost – The Road To Avalon – December 7th 2012 (MRR)

Corvus Stone – S/T – November 26th 2014 (MRR)

The Minstrel’s Ghost – Dream Things True – August 15th 2011 (self released) http://melodicrevolutionrecords.com/album/dream-things-true

It does not end here, stay tuned for more