Due to their TREMENDOUS SUCCESS, from their latest release, ” DEAD WINTER’S SUN, ” the prestige Prog Metal band, BORN OF FIRE, was signed by PURE STEEL RECORDS.  

     And now, words of gratitude from STEVE DORSSOM:  

       ” I am extremely proud to finally announce that our band Born Of Fire just signed a worldwide record deal with Pure Steel Records. We are very pleased to be backed by such a great label and are excited to release our brand new record to the world soon.”

     ” We have came a long way and had a very high mountain to climb but despite all the up’s and down”s we had to go through and even when things didn’t seem to be in our favor at times, we kept our focus and kept the dream in our sights and never gave up. With that perseverance it finally happened smile emoticon I would like to thank some key people who helped make this all possible Bill MetoyerJørgen Ditlev Christopher Sheffield,Steve Wargo DpCourtney SmithKenny AbrahamsBobby ChavezVictor Morell,Gordon TittsworthMichael WolffMicha Tres Tacos Kite, Our talented music video cast Rob EdwardsMelissa Ann Marie FarleyChristopher LabadieTerri Venn WhitehurstMark DeBoer, Greg Joseph and Brandon Dorssom. ” 
     ” Without any of you this would not of been possible and I am very humbled over it all.
Currently we are preparing to film 2 brand new music videos in June and targeting our new record to be released worldwide in October. Very exciting! Cheers! ”  

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