Two years, after ” PROTOTYPE:  HOMOSAPIANS, ” Sweden’s own, XANIMA is back, with a vengeance, for founders, PELLE HANDEN & JADE ELLE have OPENED THE VEIL & DISCLOSED ALL, for the world to see.  

     There are TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS that people had died for.  Still, a few of them have come to light……..


          Quote from the title track:


               “Are we ready for the triumph,

                Are we ready for truths,

                Will we stand in line together. “


              “ Once we get that solid proof,

                For a Life beyond our system. “


              “ That we cannot ignore,

                Are we ready for the answers,

                Did we know them all before? “


Review by G. W. Hill:


    The sound of this act is unique. They land somewhere in the space between European epic metal and progressive rock.  It’s definitely further on the prog side, though and there are some definite electronic elements at play.


    The real driving factor, though is the vocals.  Jade Ell’s voice is pretty amazing.  She can rock out with the best of them, but get more artistic, too.   At times, she makes me think of Dale Bozzio.  Many times, though, she seems closer to Kate Bush.   A lot of the rest of the time she is rocking out with the best female singers from modern epic metal.  She really sells this thing. 


Official website:

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