It so happens that the SALES of CDs and MP3s have declined, for many reasons, this year, all because of FREE ENTIRE ALBUM ONLINE STREAMING, on sites such as YOUTUBE, EASY PIRATING of COPYRIGHTED MUSIC, from BOOTLEG SITES, and THE MISTAKE of MANAGERS of INDE MUSICIANS, whom allowed FREE STREAMING on the entire CD, ( In order to have good album sales, only EXCERPTS or ONE SONG, should be FREE STREAMING. )   

     As a result, more Consumers are REDISCOVERING VINYL, to add to their MASSIVE COLLECTION of NOSTALGIC MEMORIES, rediscovering their TURNTABLES, for their own joy, which leads to one query:  

          How long will this trend last and will it ever dominate the world, like it did, when LATHE RECORDS, were first introduced, back in the 20s?  


     Usually, an INDE MUSICIAN would rather encourage their Fans to PURCHASE THEIR CDs, then ENCOURAGE THEM TO PURCHASE THE MP3s later, however, NOT ALL INDE MUSICIANS CAN AFFORD TO PAY FOR THE COST OF THE MANUFACTURING OF THE CDs, which is why some are reluctant to MARKET MP3s first.  

     Some would rather use such sites like KICKSTARTER, through their Fan’s DONATIONS, in order to pay for the cost of the manufacturing of CDs, ALBUM ARTWORK, and VINYLS, without STRICT MANAGEMENT.  

     Although MP3s are MORE AFFORDABLE, PORTABLE, VERSATILE, and CONVENIENT, ONLY the SERIOUS COLLECTORS KNOW, that there’s nothing like owning a CD or a VINYL RECORD, for the additional ARTWORK, LYRICS, and THE CREDIBILITY LIST of the MUSICIANS and STUDIO MUSICIANS, whom worked on those albums.  

     Here’s the opinion and theory, from our CEO of MELODIC REVOLUTION RECORDS, NICK KATONA:  

          ” For one, am not saying vinyl will be what it once was in the hay-day, because it won’t, and I personally do not care what medium people prefer as long as they support music via sales.”

          ” As long as there is music, there will always be many formats to choose from. My only concern is that people continue to support the artist by purchasing music. What will save this precious commodity we call music.  Only time will tell. ”  

     GOOD POINT, NICK, for MORE MUSIC SALES, for ALL FORMATS & MEDIA, means MORE MONEY for the artist, and MORE for the companies to PAY FOR THE OVERHEAD, which included the SUPPLY & DEMAND for CDs, VINYL, & MP3s. :)))