As we have learned, CHRIS SQUIRE, who’s well known as the BASS PLAYER from YES, will undergo TREATMENTS FOR LEUKEMIA, in the next few Months, as propagated by NICK KANTONA, a few weeks ago:

     When BILLY SHERWOOD was asked to replace him, here was his quote:     

          ” Chris went on to explain that Yes are meant to tour in Sept/Aug etc… but unfortunately this will be the 1st time he won’t be able to go. The band has a deep loyalty to it’s fans, I know this well having been a full member of Yes in the late 90’s and witnessing the devotion to touring and sharing the great musical legacy with the people of the world who love this band. That said Chris suggested rather than cancel this upcoming tour, the band should go on for now without him. It was truly a bittersweet moment when my dear friend of many years phoned me to explain all this to me and then ask me, ‘ Would you jump in and play bass and sing with the band till I get back up to speed. ‘ ”   

        ” I was very moved, as I told Chris, he is the reason I wanted to play bass and sing when I started my professional career.”  

          ” My love for the band and for my friends made the answer very easy, ‘ Of course, ‘ I said, ‘ Under the banner of your returning asap, ‘ We agreed and so I’m very honored to say that I will be playing bass and singing with Yes on this upcoming Yes/Toto tour. ” 


          ” Thanks to the fans, for understanding these unusual circumstances and supporting Yes and Chris in this decision. I look forward to keeping the musical integrity and performances as high as my friend expects it to be. ”  



     We’ll now pay tribute, to the band, with one of their GREATEST HITS, from their 1991 UNION TOUR, presenting, ” AWAKEN. “


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