Melodic Revolution Records would like to express our sympathies to Clive Jones and his Partner Kelvin Beer-Jones in this difficult time. We wish Clive all the best in his next round of chemo and hope that not only his life will be extended but the quality of life he wants will be there. You are in our hearts and prayers Clive.


A posting from Clive’s Facebook page dated February 22nd, 2013: Hello everyone on Wednesday I was at the hospital to see my chemo Doc sadly the cancer has spread like mad and is now in my stomach wall and cannot be cured he gave me 4 to 24 months to live I have been offered chemo a much stronger type than last time that might prolong my life so I have to take that offer, It will be very harsh and i may well become very ill so please excuse me if I miss your birthday or don’t reply to messages. My partner Kelvin is supporting me through this and I know all my friends on here will do also
Thanks CLIVE xxxx


Clive Jones is the Sax & Flute player for (Black Widow, Agony Bag) and has recently collaborated with Corvus Stone on the song “You’re So Wrong” from the critically acclaimed album Corvus Stone released on November 26th 2012 via Melodic Revolution Records.


In a statement from Corvus Stone; We have been very shocked to know Clive is very ill and we are spiritually with him when he continues his fight against cancer. We cannot take your physical pain away, Clive, but we hope you know and feel we are with you. You are a rare individual; even now you remember people’s birthdays and want them to forget their sorrows. We have a lot to learn from you.
Much love to Clive!


Clive Jones on Facebook