A statement from Unified Past’s Drummer, VICTOR TASSONE:  

          “  I’m so excited and truly honored to be part of Phil Naro‘s upcoming solo album. His songs have helped me dig deep into my drumming roots as I venture through so many styles of rock and roll feeling.  


          “ Phil’s passion within each note and playing with some of the best-known musicians in the business. “


          “ Check out this amazing teaser of what’s to come when the album is released late summer ! “  



          “ Phil is putting the finishing touches on his new studio album ‘ SHANGRI LA HOTEL, ‘  due out late summer, it’s his first solo album, since his highly acclaimed solo effort ‘ GLASS MOUNTAIN, ‘ some 13 years ago.  Phil has enlisted some real heavy hitters for “Shangri La Hotel” and he promises that the album will contain many surprises. “

     A statement from PHIL NARO:  


         “ I’m happier than I have ever been writing, recording and touring with some of the best musicians in the business, I’m not slowing down anytime soon.  There is still so much music in me that I want people to hear, my fans are the best in the world, and I do this for them first and foremost. ”


    YOU CAN LISTEN TO HIS SINGLE “ CHANGE MY MIND, “ BY CLICKING ONTO THIS LINK:  http://mrrmusic.com/album/single-change-my-mind-album-shangri-la-hotel/