Pic: Luke Machin (Guest), Sean Timms, Dan Mash, Marek Arnold, Brody Green (Guest), Guy Manning (Seated)

A third DAMANEK album “Making Shore”, is being recorded for a planned 2020 release.
This is the working title for it…and as the first two releases ‘ON TRACK’ and ‘IN FLIGHT’ both implied movement and travel (by Rail and Air) in their names, I was leaning to a more Sea/Water-centric title this time (2 words again…isn’t branding wonderful)

This new set of material sees us once more return to ecological concerns/issues and of course from a narrative empathetic POV, placing the listener in the heart of the story…naturally.

80 odd minutes of initial demos have been written with some quite diverse themes

Here are some working track names and ideas behind them:

1. A Mountain of Sky (about the solitude and aloofness of Mount Everest)
2. A Crown of Thorns (about the decline of the Great Barrier Reef)
3. Back2Back (looks at the concern around Global arising from over population)
4. Reflections on Copper (a observation on the debilitation brought through Dementia)
5. In Deep Blue [Sea Songs Part One] (a tale of personal fear overcome!…)
6. Noon Day Candles (an appeal to the World Stage about child hunger and a belief that each and every voice makes a difference in addressing the issue)
7. Self-Composed (an introspective personal look at my own song writing)
8. Americana (narrates the impact of Climate change on a fictional US farm)

9. Oculus – this is an epic, Gothic tale dealing with the perils of inter-dimensional travel … it is a bit involved, but the story will unfold!!!

Marek, Dan, Sean & I will be returning once again with a supporting cast of superb musicians, some you already know, some new, some well known…have I made that intriguing?

So, no live dates planned as yet, but we looking ahead to 2021 now to get some things booked in.

Related Updates:
Meantime, please check out the latest album by Cyril called “The Way Through” (Cyril is one of Marek’s projects for which I provided the concept story line and the lyrics). It has got some great reviews.
Also check out the the new Seven Steps to the Green Door album, “The Lie”.

Maschine have been recording their third album and so Dan (and Luke Machin) will no doubt be publishing details all about it plus news of their Autumn UK tour with District 87 (look out for details on these dates on Social media).

Work has also started on the third Southern Empire album, the follow up to the fantastically well received “Civilisation” – watch out for news on that too from down under.

So that’s it for now.
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We love to hear from you, chat, answer questions etc.

More news soon, when things have progressed.

Btw, I will be this years UK Summers End festival if you are about to day Hi!

Take Care
Guy M