The current members of Focus are Thijs van Leer, Pierre van der Linden, Menno Gootjes and Udo Pannekeet and they are pleased to announce the worldwide release of the new studio album, “Focus 11.” 

This is the band’s first new studio album in just over 6 years and forms part of the build up to the band’s forthcoming 50th Anniversary. The band is also just starting a world tour, in support of the album, which will be launched on Cruise to the Edge 2019.

The 11 track album has been released as a CD, gatefold coloured LP and Download on the band’s own In And Out of Focus Records, via Cherry Red. The album features artwork by Roger Dean.

When asked about the album, Thijs van Leer responded with this poem:
Wow, my joy could not increase
To see this new release
It has Mazzel, Palindrome and Heaven
Plus a title track called Eleven
Both angelic and a beast
It’s Focus, to say the least!

Side A
1. Who’s Calling?
2. Heaven
3. Theodora na na na
4. How Many Miles?
5. Mazzel
6. Winnie 

Side B
1. Palindrome
2. Clair-Obscur
3. Mare Nostrum
4. Final Analysis
5. Focus 11

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