Edge Of Paradise| Immortal Waltz

Label: Pure Steel Records -World /Twin Peak Records -AU, NZ, parts of S.E.A.
Release Year: 2015
Country: USA
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Band Members
Magarita Monet -Vocals/ Piano
Dave Bates – Guitars
Nick Ericson – Bass
John Cominsky – Drums

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Just when I had given up hope for straight up hard rock with a heavy metal attitude, comes along Los Angeles’ own Edge of Paradise. This band has the appeal of both Generation X and the Millenial generation. While they have the hallmarks of straight up classic hard rock in the vein of the Runaways, Girlschool and Wendy O Williams, they also have the modern sensibility of Kittie meets Nightwish and Epica. Edge Of Paradise also come with something that has been lacking in recent years, this being rock with attitude and street credibility.

Edge Of Paradise sounds like a cinematic soundtrack of carefully written and orchestrated rock with the tough garage rock attitude. Immortal Waltz has the pulse of true classic rock n roll. They have definitely created a work that they can tour on from various demographic’s within hard rock and heavy metal. When I listen to Immortal Waltz I hear a direction that bands of yesterday ie Girlschool, Runaways should sound like with a modern contemporary flavour. I also like the fact I can book Edge Of Paradise for Female Metal Voices while at the same time book them for a Rocklahoma style festival. Let’s take a brief look at Edge Of Paradise Immortal Waltz.

Perfect Shades Of Black starts in the vein of a soundtrack before the band and Margarita Monet really take off at the :29 mark. There is a nice spoken word passage at the :51 mark. The track from the get go has a lot of spunky angst and attitude. The instrumental is more heavy metal while the vocals have a tasteful old school vibe. Dave Bates has a killer guitar solo on this as well. There are some good solid backing vocals towards the end.

It’s My Showtime begins with a great rhythmic progression. Soon Magarita Monet comes in almost in a jazz standard styling of a Jane Monhiet with a eloquent spoken word passage. The vocals gibe the listener the appearance of naughty teen angst. The vocal layers are very solid. The instrumental have of this reminds me a lot of a cinematic soundtrack. There is a alternative sensibility about this track in a haunting way. The guitar solo is a straight away classic.

Immortal Waltz begins with a haunting passage liken one of a dark rock opera gone towards a film score standard. The piano adds a nice layer to the track. The thunderous rhythmic section gives this a brutal dark atmosphere. The spoken word vocal seems to be shaping a signature for the bands identity within the album. About the 2:44 mark there are some great spoken word effects complimenting the instrumental.

In A Dream starts with a great rhythm section with a great dark rhythm guitar section. The vocal is soft yet subtle before it explodes into a straight up classic symphonic metal passage. This track reminds me of very early Theater Of Tragedy without the death metal growls. There is a strong emphasis between a semi spoken word with a cinematic film vibe.

Rise For The Fallen begins with a straight away melodic metal instrumental with a solid keyboard as a accent to the intro. The band never stays in one mode. This takes on all the hallmarks that make a classic hard rock / heavy metal track. You have a great intro with some killer verse and chorus progressions.

Ghost takes on almost a dark power ballad. It has a haunting intro. A solid rhythm section with good quality vocal oriented rock. The solo reminds me very much of heavy metal solos of the 1980’s that were a staple in hard rock and heavy metal. Ghost is a track with a light pop sensibility.

Break Away takes on almost a Dio-esque vibe in the intro. This continues with the rhythm section and vocal almost in the vein of Holy Diver by Dio. John Cominsky has some killer drum passages to serve as the backbone to the rhythmic based sections. Magarita Monet has such a confidence in her vocal by now and it is showing.

Goodbye has a 1990’s alternative hard rock sensibility. This also has a great hammond organ to vintage mellotron sound in the underlying stringed section. The vocal has a sassy spoken word passage about it giving the track attitude. There are some good solid yet subtle breaks in the track both lyrically and instrumentally.

Edge Of Paradise are a band that comes around once every 10-15 years with a very original sound about them. I can see this band standing out going forward among their contemporaries and peers. Edge Of Paradise’s sound is like a fantasy filmscore for classic hard rock and heavy metal with solid cinematic elements. For originality and a distinct sound alone I give this 4/5 .