Ellsworth Hall is best known as the front man: Vocalist and Keyboardist  for the Neo-Prog band Aethellis whose self titled debut album was self released in 2004 and the follow up album Northumbria was released by Melodic Revolution Records in 2011 with much praise from fans and critics alike. And so it begins three years later, Ellsworth returns with his first solo album “Conversations with George Edgar Shelby” a classical soundtrack album that features the music from the WWI epic Beside the Manor Selby which Ellsworth directed and wrote.

The track “The Archduke Earsworth” is originally from the three-movement piece The Blind Potentate. Ellsworth performs on a Steinway grand piano along with the vibrant sound of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, to be released July 8th with special pricing pre-orders becoming available July 1st  the track listing is as follows.

Piano Concerto No.1  
1) Lento e Allegro (6:47)
2) Andante e Presto (6:28)
3) Allegro Moderato (4:03)
4) Andante (7:25)  

Beside the Manor Selby Motion Picture Soundtrack  
5) Beside the Manor Selby Overture  (2:46)
6) Newsreel  (1:16)
7) After Ferdinand  (0:56)
8) Round About the Garden  (1:06)
9) The Archduke Earsworth  (5:07)
10) The Tower  (1:40)
11) Gather the Heirlooms  (3:33)
12) La Masque a Enleve  (2:25)
13) Verdun  (5:33)
14) Undone in Verdun  (2:17)
15) Here Lies a Wretched Corpse  (5:07)
16) In Grief Unbound  (3:54)