After parting ways with their record label the band has returned to their DIY roots successfully funding a Kickstarter campaign, which put band vocalist Josh Breckenridge back at the helm as producer/engineer.

“This album feels like a fresh start in a lot of ways. We went into it with no expectations and just started composing from a pure place and the music just flowed. It helped us realize that no matter what the music will always live inside of us. We created this record in my home studio from a very artistic and open place. Having our fans step up and fund it on Kickstarter was so beautiful and humbling. We have so much gratitude for the opportunity they gave us to make a new record on our own terms.” says Josh Breckenridge

THE MOGOLLON MONSTER is a step in a new direction for the band with lots of vocals, large sing-along choruses, and big textured synthesizers. The band evolved from mostly instrumental, to what now is a hybrid of multiple genres and after 5 albums, have come into their own sound.

THE MOGOLLON MONSTER will be available on 12.1.19 via the bands own independent media company “WOATTS MEDIA” featuring artwork from the legendary digital artist Jason Farmer (@Evolvingeye)