Antoine Baril is a An accomplished musician and multi-instrumentist producer, sound technician, and composer.

It is with great emotion and pride that I share my new video to you; One Man Yes. Hard work fed by passion, determination and love of music that has spread over a period of 14 months.

At the dawn of reaching the million views with my similar Genesis video, I wanted to push my limits to both technical and musical levels by presenting my highlights from the band Yes. A group that has influenced me on so many levels during their glorious and long career. It was all that a big challenge to honor the incomparable character of Chris Squire’s bass game (RIP), the angelic melodies of Jon Anderson, the virtuosity and the “catchyness” of Trevor Rabin , the phenomenal flights of Rick Wakeman Music, Steve Howe’s masterfully and so many other achievements of so many amazing musicians who have challenged my imagination throughout my musical awakening until today.

These “One Man Video” projects have always been very personal. This time I opened my heart and soul to precious collaborators who made it possible for me to reach a level that I could never have on my own. My lover Genevieve Dubois has so generously agreed to lend me a strong hand at the visual level with her sensitivity to music her incomparable film sense. Thanks to its natural talent on camera and image processing, this video reaches new horizon that far goes beyond my greatest ambitions. Thank you my love, I will always be grateful, I love you!

For this occasion, I also have the privilege of including my 7-year-old big boy Gabriel who managed to film complex mobile plans that I had the pleasure to integrate into my video. So this time it’s a One Team Video!

In closing, the production of this video is also a treasure hunt for rare musical instruments with which I had the chance to work. It implies the generosity of a lot of people who have allowed me to share their treasures or helped me achieve this project in any way so I have to thank myself with all heart:

Tama Drums Tama Drums Canada – Official Jean Michon Sylvain Sly Gaudet Eric Gobeil Marc-André Gingras Alain Couture Casavant Frères, Organbuilder / Facteur d’orgues Marc Rajotte Nicolas ChamberlandStreetly Electronics MSP Musique David V. Paré PhenixDrone

One Man Yes was Played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Baril Produced at Hemisphere Studio, Quebec, QC, Canada between March of 2019 and May or 2020

Introduction song: Excerpt for “The Firebird” suite Composed by Igor Stravinsky

Song List:
Endless Dream: Silent Spring Everydays Yours is no Disgrace Siberian Khatru Heart of the Sunrise Close to the Edge – I – The Solid Time of Change And You and I – I – Cord of Life And You and I – II – Eclipse The Revealing Science Of God / Dance Of The Dawn ‘The Ancient’ / Giants Under The Sun The Gates Of Delirium Close to the Edge – III – I Get Up I Get Down Parallels On The Silent Wings Of Freedom Tempus Fugit Changes Cinema Soundcheck (Yes Years Documentary) Endless Dream: Talk Ending song: Awaken

Music composed and released by Yes – Chris Squire (RIP) Trevor Rabin Jon Anderson Rick Wakeman Steve Howe Alan White Patrick Moraz Bill Bruford Tony Kaye Peter Banks Trevor Horn Geoff Downes

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