We thought it was about time that we took an opportunity to update everyone about what is happening in the rather busy but very positive Galahad universe at the moment. Here goes…. 2018 UK PROG AWARDS I guess the most exciting thing at the moment is the fact that we’ve been nominated in the ’Best UK Band’ category for the 2018 PROG awards and the following press release has been released on social media:

“Well, what a lovely and most unexpected surprise, we are so pleased and proud to announce that GALAHAD has been nominated for the 2018 UK PROG awards in the ‘UK Band/Artist of the year’ category.

Whilst we are realistic and know that the chance of walking away with the main ‘prize’ is very slim due to some very stiff competition from some great bands, some with much larger fanbases, many of whom we know well and good luck to them all too, we are very pleased and honoured just to be considered and acknowledged for this prestigious and well-regarded award.

Needless to say, if anyone would like to cast their vote in our favor, which would be very much appreciated, here is the link to the relevant web page in order to do so. http://loudersound.com/prog2018

We would also like to this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us for so long and more recently purchased our new ‘Seas of Change’ record which, in all honesty, has exceeded all our expectations, especially in terms of critical acceptance from both fans and reviewers alike. Thus, it seems that after what has been, at times, a very difficult last few years for the band 2018 is turning out to be a great year for GALAHAD and we’re still only in June! “

This was quite unexpected but very welcome and of course if any of you could see your way to vote for us we’d be most appreciative.

Nore News and Updates


‘Seas of Change’ as you will already know was released earlier this year, and to be honest we were slightly worried about what the reaction would be to a single forty-two minute long form track which makes up the main album especially in today’s ‘quick fix’ world but we needn’t have worried as we have been completely overwhelmed by so much positive reaction to the album from fans both new and long-term as well critics which have almost universally given it the thumbs up.

In fact, it’s probably the best reaction of any album we have ever released certainly since ‘Empires’ was released back in 2007. We’d obviously like to thank everyone who has supported us by buying the album and thanks to those who’ve written about it in such glowing terms, it really is very, very much appreciated.


Our good friends at Twelfth Night have also recently released a new 3CD ‘Definitive edition’ version of their classic ‘Fact and Fiction’ album. What makes this release so interesting is the fact that the third CD contains cover versions of all of the original songs from ‘Fact and Fiction’ and Galahad members feature heavily on this with Galahad providing a brand new version of ‘Fact and Fiction’. Mark Spencer contributing a new version of ‘We Are Sane’ and ‘The Poet Sniff a Flower’ which also feature Lee Abraham on guitar. Dean also provides a new version of ‘This City’ with his other band ‘Coburg’ as well the Electro Sane intro. More details available here: http://twelfthnight.info/?cds=fact-and-fiction-the-definitive-edition


We are hoping to celebrate 21 years of ‘Following Ghosts’ with a special 3CD re-release in 2019 which will involve the re-recording of several new versions of the songs from the album. This expanded version will also include the original De-Constructing Ghosts album which was originally only limited to 1000 CDs and will certainly help to showcase an extremely musically diverse release indeed. This album will also include new liner notes and brand new artwork. We also have around two dozen new song ideas complete with rough music and vocal guides which will start knocking in to shape in the coming months, so plenty to look forward to in terms of new material.


We have several more shows lined up for 2018 and a few others in the pipeline. The first few shows of the year seemed to be received very well indeed and the band is sounding tighter and more solid than ever with the addition of Lee Abraham on guitar and Mark Spencer back on bass guitar.

22 June 2018 – Serious Prog Show at the Park Villa Theater, Alphen aan den Reijn, The Netherlands
15 Sept 2018 – Classic Rock Society, Wesley Hall, Maltby, S. Yorks, UK
3 November 2018 – Progressive Rock Festival, Haugesund, Norway|
1 December 2018 – Danfest, The Musician, Leicester, UK

Well, I think we’ve covered just about everything for now. Thanks for your support as ever and please keep an eye on our official website for any new developments.

Wishing you all a great Summer.
All the best from GALAHAD

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