Artist: Gingerbass
Release Title: Lake City Kid
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 20th October 2023
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Instrumental Progressive/Fusion Rock
Country: Ireland


  • Ralf W. Garcia – Bass, Keyboards, Notation & Concept
  • David O’Donovan – All lead and rhythm guitars


  1. Oh Yes!
  2. Lake City Kid
  3. Writer’s Block
  4. Turtleneck
  5. Finally…

The EP “Lake City Kid” serves as Gingerbass’s heartfelt nod to non-heavy metal influences that shaped Ralf W. Garcia’s musical journey. Its title pays respect to Garcia’s roots in the city of Konstanz by Lake Constance in Germany. Every track tells a unique story, shedding light on Garcia’s experiences and insights, and fans can delve deeper into these tales on his social platforms. Garcia’s commitment to music, evident from his vast discography and live performances, finds new expression in this EP. Beyond this, there’s an anticipation of a 2024 release, promising Fretless Bass-centric compositions. As for Garcia himself, his career that started in the late 1980s showcases a passionate musician and tutor. His diverse experiences, from studying in multiple countries to working with international bands, all lead to this moment. For those who cherish the sounds of bands like Steve Morse Band and Pink Floyd, this EP is a must-listen. Every song was carefully crafted in Cork, Ireland, with additional touches from professionals in Greece and the UK, and the cover, adorned with original photography, echoes the personal touch that defines this release.