New Album ‘Sideways In Time’ Out April 12th via Kozmik Artifactz

Citing a strong fascination with our place as earthlings in the cosmos and the origins of our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and ultimately our universe, GONE COSMIC is a soulful psychedelic rock band from Calgary, Canada.

Combining fuzzy distorted guitars and powerful vocals, GONE COSMIC tinker with experimental elements alongside 70s influenced heavy groove, which can be experienced with their first album ‘Sideways In Time’ set to be released on April 12, 2019, through Kozmik Artifactz with a seven-date tour to compliment it. 

“‘Sideways In Time’ focuses on the never-ending push and pull of decisions and consciousness. Exploring the effects of outside influences and really putting to light the concept that our minds control us, but we don’t and won’t ever have complete control of our minds. ‘Sideways In Time’ was written/composed to stimulate senses and be a guide on a galactic journey. Everyone in the band is bursting at the seams during our set – it’s high octane chaos, driven by a thousand horsepower engine ready to explode into a million pieces of intergalactic space dust.”

Track Listing:
1. Dazed (4:49)
2. Deadlock (6:41)
3. Siren (4:48)
4. Faded Release (5:46)
5. Turbulent (4:36)
6. Misfit Wasted (7:10)
7. Bear The Weight (5:53)
8. My Design (6:28)
Album Length: 46:14

Comprised of musicians from Western Canadian staple acts Chron Goblin, Witchstone, Funkenshiest, and The Torchettes, fans have an idea of what to expect from this quartet, but can drink it all in, live, on the following dates listed below.

L-R: Abbie Thurgood (Vocals), Marcello Castronuovo (Drums), Devin “Darty” Purdy, (Guitar), Brett Whittingham (Bass)
Photo Credit:  Mario Montes

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Championed by a soaring songstress Abbie Thurgood (The Torchettes), whose boldly evocative tones recall Skunk Anansie chanteuse Skin and Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, and accompanied by an agile and aggressive psych-rock outfit, composed of guitarist Devin “Darty” Purdy (Chron Goblin), bass player Brett Whittingham (Chron Goblin), percussionist Marcello Castronuovo (Witchstone), Gone Cosmic has carved out an expansive domain that stretches from sweltering Southern sludge pits to breath-stealing sonic spacewalks.

A blood (orange)-scented breeze that bows the trees, Gone Cosmic chases the infinite haze from the skies and puts it right back in your eyes. Groove-mining breakdowns become the stuff of legend as the four pieces’ floor-thudding tail kick and hellfire halo holler originates a whole that is far more potent than the sum of its individual elements. Meet your new astromancers, the phase-shifting and hard- rocking force that channels the empyreal sounds of heaven on Earth.

Bio was written by Christine Leonard (Beatroute AB, Canada)

“And then there’s Gone Cosmic with their Sideways In Time album, released through Kozmik Artifactz. Set for an early April release this is some grade A, female-fronted psych rock, it whirls and it winds and it wails like a hard rocking banshee on the prowl! Simply stunning!” – Stoner Hive

“It feels like an evolution of the genre” – Chris Beck – Doom Tomb

“Fresh off of announcing their signing to the Kozmik Artifactz label before the April release of their debut Sideways in Time (so bleeding bloody good, by the way), this Calgary supergroup comprised of members of Chron Goblin, Witchstone and Joplin-esque lung pummeler Abbie Thurgood, formerly of The Torchettes, are a heavy, groovy, psych-storm, headtrip. You’re welcome.” – Mike Bell – YYScene

“ It works in a spectacularly gnarly and boombastic, rifftastic, fantastic Joplin blues-rock way.” Mike Bell – YYScene

“Awakening the ears and seducing souls with an addictive pairing of folk-blues and psych-rock, Calgary’s Gone Cosmic is a band that thrives on the mix of complementary and contrasting traits that each member brings to the party. “  – Christine Leonard  – Beatroute

“The electromagnetic energy generated when Thurgood’s soaring vocals and passionate lyrical narratives are added to the compelling riffs and hypnotic pulses of the band’s instrumentation is a stunning and stimulating force to behold. “  – Christine Leonard  – Beatroute