Grand Tour Music are delighted to announce that the new album “Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)” is available for pre-order NOW!

“Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)” will be released on Monday 4th February. To purchase now, just go to and visit the shop page where you can place your order. You can even get the album signed by the band – this is ONLY available with pre-orders!

The band also have both previous Grand Tour albums available as a package (signed option available here too) at a special pre-order price.

Check it out now – you can also listen to samples from every track on the album, as well as from the other albums we have for sale. So – be the first one on your patch to have the new Grand Tour album by ordering it NOW!

  1. Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)
  2. Don’t Cry Now
  3. Back in the Zone
  4. The Panic
  5. Shadow Walking
  6. Game Over
  7. Slumber Sweetly 

Hew Montgomery (Abel Ganz): keyboards
Joe Cairney (Comedy of Errors): vocals
Bruce Levick (Comedy of Errors): drums
Mark Spalding (Comedy of Errors): guitar
Chris Radford: bass