It’s been a while since I shared with you what was going on, and my disappearance – as it often turns to be – has few to do with me laying low, rather with way too many urgent matters at hand that has to be resolved or participated in. First off, things are fine, probably even more hectic than I could wish for. The main reason for silence from my side regarding Transport Aerian is that I’ve been called to the flanks of my little musical cause and was particularly busy working with my two other projects. One of them you, surely, already have a notion of an avant-metal band Fabulae Dramatis, that has just released their second album and now working hard on promotion and playing live shows all over to bring the new programme to the thankful audience. With their avant-garde heavy music, well-thought stage appearance and a video footage synced with the performance, I feel home on stage, but it does take a lot of my time and energy, as, since me, Isabel Restrepo and Daniel Diaz have formed the band back in 2012 it has indeed evolved into a very promising act that I consider well worth every invested hour.

Finally, there is one more project I will be working on in the next coming months, but I’m not allowed to talk about it just yet!

However, despite me being busy on all fronts, it doesn’t mean Transport Aerian becomes dormant. While I haven’t managed to set up a live line up sufficient to bring out Therianthrope in all its complexity live, so I ruled out this possibility, as if I can’t get the audience coming to the concert into my ideas at their fullness, I’d rather not do it at all, the studio album is doing pretty well, and I have just obtained the information that the limited edition copies at MRR are in fact sold out, but more copies are on their way, which might become available again within two or three weeks, and for now my entire digital discography is set with a significant discount! I’m also working on the in-depth blog regarding every song and every artwork on the album, that is to be published in the course of this year.

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