On Friday the 30th of August HFMC will release their fourth and long-awaited studio album ‘Parallel Life’.

1. Parallel Life – 22:32 
(Music: Fröberg/Strandberg/Haraldsson Lyrics: Fröberg)
I. A prophet’s escape
II. To change
III. You and life
IV. Hand to the sky
V. An otherworldly purpose
VI. A choice moment
2. Sleeping with the ghost – 05:27 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)
3. Time waits – 09:56 
(Music: Strandberg Lyrics: Strandberg)
4. All those faces – 04:46 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)
5. Rain – 09:05 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)
6. Friday – 05:40 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)
7. Never alone – 08:20 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)

The album was recorded at Soundfront Productions.
Produced by: Hasse Fröberg and Kjell Sandberg
Sound engineers: Kjell Sandberg and Bosse Lindmark
Artwork by: Ed Unitsky – www.facebook.com/Ed.Unitsky.fanpage
Photos by: Tallee Savage – www.savagebeauty.se
Label: GlassVille Records – http://glassvillerecords.com

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Pre-orders available starting 28/6 2019