Italian crossover prog and rock band ifsounds have announced that Lino Mesina is now a member of the band as their new drummer. 

Lino is a highly trained in jazz and rock and is a former drum teacher as well as playing for many high class bands. The ifsounds family welcomes Lino and thanks Gianni Manariti for his friendship, for the excellent job done on Reset and wishes him the best for his future projects.

 if sounds released “Reset” is the third official full length album on July 30th 2015, and was the bands first attempt at producing and releasing an album both in English and in Italian to explore lyrical opportunities in both their Native and English language.

“Reset” is an album about sudden stops and re-starts. Musically it’s about ifsounds, their story, their evolution and re-birth as a band. Lyrically “Reset” is about those shocking events that can upset a quite and ordinary life, leading you to want to completely reset your existence. 

ifsounds is: 
Runal: Lead Vocals 
Fabio De Libertis: Bass Guitar 
Lino Mesina: Drums 
Claudio Lapenna: Piano & Keyboards 
Dario Lastella: Guitars


Power of Prog


Reset in English 

Reset in Italian