iNFiNiEN has just released the single ‘Off the Tracks’ as a Free Download from their upcoming album ‘Light at the Endless Tunnel’ to be released tomorrow.
(Music by iNFiNiEN & Justin Carney; Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus & Tom Cullen)
Track Listing
AYA (Music by Matt Hollenberg; Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
Oasis (Music and Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
Off the Tracks (Music by Matt Hollenberg, Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
Bottom of the Food Chain (Music by Jordan Berger and Chrissie Loftus, Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
Light at the Endless Tunnel (Music by Matt Hollenberg, Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
Love for Yourself (Music by iNFiNiEN, Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
Worth The Wait (Music and Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
If I Were A Song (Music and Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
If You Were A Song (Music by iNFiNiEN, Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus)
Existence (Music by Jordan Berger, Lyrics by Chrissie Loftus & Jordan Berger)
iNFiNiEN Is:
Jordan Berger: Electric and Upright Bass, Background Vocals, Additional Percussion
Tom Cullen: Drums and Percussion
Matt Hollenberg: Guitars, Bulbul Tarang, Tabla, Moog Minitaur
Chrissie Loftus: Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Organ and Additional PercussionOrchestrations on “Brand New”,
“If I Were a Song” and “If You Were a Song” by Jon Salmon
iNFiNiEN Chamber Orchestra:
Mark Allen – flute, clarinet
Jordan Berger – double-bass
Mary Bryson – harp
Monique Canniere – violins
Maura Dwyer – violin, cello
Gloria Galante – harp
Christen Hooks – viola
Andriana Markano – viola, violin
Ben Mulholland – French horn
Bob Quaile – oboe
Rebecca Schlappich – violins
Andrew Weber – cello
Album Production Notes
Produced by Jay Levin
Mixed by Rob Shaffer
Recorded and Engineered by Rob Shaffer and Jeff Hiatt
Additional production by Matt Hollenberg and Rob Shaffer
Additional recording by Jay Levin and Sean Svadlenak
Mastered by Jeff Hiatt and Sean Svadlenak
Recorded and mixed at Turtle Studios, Philadelphia
About iNFiNiEN
Philadelphia based Experimental Progressive band. Exotic tonalities and thick chords mixed with Jazz, African, Balkan, Pop, Rock and Indian Music.
Philadelphia-born iNFiNiEN combines eclectic musical personalities into a visionary, unified force. Using rock, jazz, soul, world, and classical influences, the quartet plays intricately composed songs with a focus on improvisation. With two albums under their belt the band has found it’s niche as something truly unique within the Philly and National scenes. After playing, touring and writing together for six years, iNFiNiEN has developed their distinctive voice through their consistent dedication to powerful live shows and bold experimentation in the studio. Far from the typical rock band, they explore new territories of sound by using exotic scales, chords, and rhythms. The drums project driving tribal beats, mixing elements of hardcore, funk, and jazz as bass grooves move through a complex and fluidly changing web of pulse. The guitar and keyboard create a wash of texture, deep harmony and colorful melodies while fluid female vocals add a strong emotional element through soulful poetry and deliberatedynamics. Taking cues from all over the music world, their compositions borrow equally from romantic composers like Debussy and Faure; contemporary artists like Bjork, Tori Amos and Radiohead; world music like Indian Classical, African, Middle Eastern and Latin; and even adventurous avant-garde fusion like Mahavishnu Orchestra, John Coltrane and John Zorn. An entity unto itself, iNFiNiEN stirs listeners through a moving musical adventure.
What The Critics are saying about  iNFiNiEN
“Calling it “fusion” isn’t even entirely correct, since that smacks of cocktail parties and easy-listening boredom. This is the sublimation of styles, a group of highly trained players sacrificing their training for the sake of something more exciting.”
– Philadelphia City Paper
“iNFiNiEN’s set is dynamic and energizing, with Loftus rolling her head and emoting like a languid seductress. The music is moody, jazzy, lounge-y and dramatic, with dissonant chords resolving into melody and tinkering Middle Eastern sounds. For most of their set, they’re joined by New Orleans saxophonist Kyle Cripps, whose jazzy playing adds another layer to their sonic creations. Their last track, “Perpetual Twilight,” is 10 minutes long, and devolves into a raucous, thrashing collage of sound. It’s the perfect end to a long evening, and I leave feeling like the possibilities for music are truly infinite.”


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