Studio Report:

Scarlet Hollow: Scarlet Hollow is in the mastering stage of “What If Never Was” due out late summer early fall 2012. Ian Shepherd of Mastering Media in the UK is going to be mastering “What if never Was”. Ian is well known for his work with bands like Deep Purple, The Orb, Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles, and King Crimson among others. “What If Never Was” will be released on Vinyl and CD no digital release is planned at the moment.
Official Website

The Phil and John Show: The Phil and John Show are hard at work on their follow up to “Cover Art (2006)” in-between performing as much as six nights a week. The yet untitled release may see the light of day in the spring of 2013. The Phil and John Show are Emmy Award vocalist, singer, songwriter and producer Phil Naro (DDrive, Talas, Druckfarben, Jim Crean) and Johnny Rogers best known for his association with Canadian rockers, “Brighton Rock”. Official Website

Barbara Rubin: We are proud to announce that we are working closely with Barbara Rubin to reissue “Under The Ice”. “Under The Ice” is currently being re-mastered and will be reissued and pressed on White Vinyl, and features a new bonus track. “Under The Ice” was original self released on CD in 2010 and features 11 tracks. More news as it develops. Facebook

Paul D’Adamo. Paul to once again work with long time friend Leon Alvarado who will create the new album cover art and additional artwork for the forthcoming release of “Rawfully Organic” by Paul D’Adamo due out fall of 2012. Lean has produced some great artwork for artists like Ian Anderson, Peter Gabriel & Roger Waters among others. Facebook

David Rohl: David has been very busy since the 2011 release of AD – Sangreal by his band MandalaBand. For those of you that are unaware besides being a musician and producer David is also an Author and an Egyptologist.
• David is Co-producing a solo album for Ashley Mulford
• Producing and performing on Last Knight an epic double album.
• Producing a solo album for Andrea Garrison.
• Writing and recording the music for a cinema release documentary film on the Exodus.
• Writing the music for three one-hour documentaries on great Arab leaders of the Middle East.
• Writing a book called ‘Exodus: Myth or History?

Studio Report In Brief:
Finishing up albums for late fall early winter are John Orr Franklin, Unified Past, Murky Red and Aisles.

Happiness Is Being Single:
Cary Clouser unveils the 1st track “Anthem in Bm” from the forthcoming release “As Loud as Silence” no release date is available at the moment. Oceans 5 new single “Empty Hands” has been released as a charity single.

New to the revolution family, The Minstrel’s Ghost, Barbara Rubin, and Anuryzm.

The Minstrel’s Ghost Musicians Include:
Blake Carpenter, vocals, keyboards and guitars.
Colin Tench (BunChakeze, Odin of London) Guitars.
Marco Chiappini (Gandalf’s Project) Keyboards.
Troy James Martin (LeeAnne Savage, Loren Dirks) Bass.
Zoltan Csörsz Jr (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic) Drums

Anuryzm Is:
John Bakhos – Guitars
Miltiadis Kyvernitis – Guitars
Nadeem Bibby – Vocals
Imad Dahleh – Drums
Rami Lakkis – Bass
Jay Jahed – Synth
Martin Lopez – Drums (session)

In related news ANURYZM have started recording their follow up to ‘Worm’s Eye View’

On Tour Now:
Oceans of Time& Lisleby Musikkorps hosts a Symphonic Rock & Metal concert with Jorn Lande and Eirikur Hauksson November 10th 2012
You can buy tickets here!

Don Mancuso (DDRIVE) speaks about his upcoming appearance as the guitarist with “The Sound Remains The Same”

Busy preparing for the Rapids Theater show in Niagara Falls with “The Sound Remains The Same” a Led Zeppelin Tribute act recreating the 1973 Zeppelin show at the Aud in Buffalo, NY, which will also include a bonus mini set!

The original show was Sunday July 15, 1973. This one is Sunday July 15, 2012! 970 tickets will be sold for the same price as the show was in 1973. $6.00!! They are going fast… 97 ROCK in Buffalo will be giving tickets away as well! They are sponsoring the show.

Turns out the theater is haunted too, here are some of the facts…
A woman hung herself on the stage we are playing on, just behind the curtain, a projectionist died of a heart attack in the old projection room when it was a movie theater, there is also an old janitor that haunts the place … When Stone Temple Pilots played there recently several people complained of being pushed from behind by unseen hands, and they caught him on camera in the crowd … Typically activity peaks immediately following a show due to the increase in energy, you may feel a whisper in your ear, electric chill, or hear and see the apparition of the woman who killed herself by hanging on stage … The Three Stooges filmed a short movie on the stage there, and Marilyn Monroe was there during her filming of the movie Niagara …

You can see the episode of Ghost Hunters below where they investigated the Rapids Theater hauntings.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

John Orr Franklin
Saturday July 21st at Central Presbyterian Church in Austin Texas. Doors open at 7:00pm show starts at 8:00pm. ADMISSION IS FREE!!!

MORRE CD Release Show for “Morphine”. This will also be the last MORRE’s show this year in Toronto, as the band is going on their 2nd European tour in August.

For more tour news
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