Studio Report:

Corvus Stone have finished recording their debut self titled release and is now being mastered for a fall release. The album features 16 tracks including JussiPussi which is the first video from the album. The band consists of Pasi Koivu – Keyboard, Colin Tench – Guitar (CTP, BunChakeze, Odin of London) and Petri Lemmy Lindström – Bass (Saturn Twilight and Progeland) and special guest Stef Flaming (Murky Red)

Oceans of Time will return to Jailhouse Studios in Denmark (February 2013) with legendary producer Tommy Hansen for recording and mixing to the follow up of Faces (2012). There are at least 5 demos in the can so far, for the yet unnamed release due out in April 2013. Tommy is also known for his work with Helloween, Coldspell, Jorn, Redemption and Pretty Maids to name but a few. Oceans of Time are also filming their 1st music video for the song Kingdom Falls. Oceans of Time are: Han Geir Nilsen, Ken Lyngfoss, Lazz Jensen, Nickolai Ryen Christiansen, Geir Pedersen

In related news we will release the debut album of HellHaven which is the brainchild of Lazz Jensen (Oceans of Time) and Ole Alexander Myrholt, combining melodic progressive metal with extreme vocals. The album feature 10 Tracks: 1. Awaiting the Tvilight of Ideals 2. Boneyard 3. Mesmerized by the Same Moon 4. Kiss My Open Wounds 5. To Cloak My Enterprise 6. I Envy the Stars in the Skies 7. Counting Sins to Kill Time 8. Rushing Down a Trail of Sulphur 9. In this Pile of Bones 10. I Keep Searching for Something Divine. Hellhaven Is: Ole Alexander Myrholt – Vocals Lazz Jensen – Guitars Geir Nilsen – Bass Baard Kolstad – Drums

Scarlet Hollow: The mastering of “What If Never Was” is finished and was done by Ian Shepherd of Mastering Media in the UK. The CD will now be sent off to get manufactured. Ian is well known for his work with bands like Deep Purple, The Orb, Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles, and King Crimson among others. “What If Never Was” track listing: The Path, Apathy’s Child, All That Remains, Nightfall Overture, As The Blade Falls, Unspoken, Around The Bend, The Waiting and Thermal Winds. Scarlet Hollow is: Allison VonBuelow : Vocals, Lyrics, Acoustic Guitars, synth textures. Gregg Olson : Electric Guitars, Synths, Percussion and Programming. Jeff Mack : Bass and Bass Pedals. Diego “GROM” Meraviglia Drums and Percussion

Studio Report In Brief:
Murky Red just released their 3rd single “I Came A Long Way” a song about stalker and his twisted thoughts, from the forthcoming album “Time Doesn’t Matter”

BigBad Wolf is the new album from The RoboDrum Release Big and will hit the shelves soon.

Anuryzum are in the studio working on their follow up for Worms Eye View for a 2013 release.

Roads To Damascus are re- mastering the debut release RTD the album conatains 15 tracks and will receive new artwork and a new title called One. RTD is tour in support of the sophomore release R2D2 released in April 2012.

Andy John Bradford’s Oceans5 release Empty Hands as a Charity Single.

Seen and Heard:
Aethellis to be featured in soundtrack of new film. Sections of the title track “Northumbria” will be featured in the soundtrack to the new H&H/Flyboy Films Production of “Lamp of Conscience.” The production began lensing in Sharpsburg, GA (near where the TV series The Walked Dead is filmed) on July 26th and is directed by Edward Hopf and produced by Joseph M. Dwyer. As a cross promotion, the new Aethellis video of the track “Northumbria” (currently in production) will feature key shots from “Lamp of Conscience.”

Corvus Stone have release their new promo video for the quirky song JussiPussi which features special guest Stef Flaming ( Murky Red, The Irritatables )

ANURYZM, have released a live montage video for their single, ‘Breaking the Ballot’, which is taken from their debut album, ‘Worm’s Eye View’. Anuryzm are a Dubai based progressive metal band. ‘Breaking the Ballot’ is taken from their debut album, ‘Worm’s Eye View’.

Singer Nadeem Bibby comments on the video: ‘Breaking the Ballot’ is about saying enough is enough. We feel that for some time now things have been frustratingly morbid and dead-end. The song is meant to inspire people to wake up and instigate change for the better even if just for once in their lives.” We wanted to do a video that looked and felt different than the norm but had that “on the road” vibe to it so that our fans and viewers could see the real side of what it means to be in Anuryzm. The result we feel is something very honest and not exaggerated.”

ANURYZM’s debut album ‘Worm’s Eye View’ was released by Melodic Revolution Records on July 17th and over the course of 8 tracks, is a heart-stirring journey that seamlessly blends metal, progressive, and jazz leanings into an ever-changing musical illustration. Featuring guest appearances from Martin Lopez (Soen, Opeth, Amon Amarth), jazz bassist Rami Lakkis and synth player Uri Dijk (Textures, Ethereal), the album was produced by John Bakhos & Miltiadis Kyvernitis at MNK studios and mixed, mastered by Miltiadis Kyvernitis. Drums were recorded by Martin Lopez in Sweden.

World famous Fantasy Artist Ed Unitsky will be creating his magic not once again but twice, as he is creating two new album covers for our artist. One for Unified Past and One for The Minstrel’s Ghost. The Unified Past album will be called Spots while The Minstrel’s Ghost album is titled Road to Avalon. Both albums should see a late fall release. Ed is known for his work with the Flower Kings, Unitopa, Starcastle, Jay Tausig, Jim Crean Riversea and Mandalaband to name but a few.

New Corvus Stone artwork created by Sonia Mota a fan of the band.

Tour News:
Solstice Coil laying down strategic plans for ProgStage 2012 For more info go to
Morre kick off their European tour on Saturday Aug 11th 2012 at the Rock Club Angel Heart – Sofia, Bulgaria
Jim Crean continues the Velvet Crush Tour. In related news Velvet Crush is in its 3rd Pressing and may even see a limited release on vinyl.