Good afternoon Biters!

I have now completed the mastering of the Hammersmith and Astoria gigs and have to say that they sound great!
Paul has completed the artwork for H/Smith and will be doing the Astoria next. The news here is that I am going to include an extras cd which will contain about 6/7 tracks (subject to change) from another London venue ( no names yet) but it will be earlier material and will mean that all eras of the band will be represented in what I am calling “It Bites London Live” package.
As a matter of interest, would you all be interested in making this a 3 show pack as opposed to using the 3rd as an extras only? This will be dependent on quality and number of tracks available. If we don’t have any more than 6/7 tracks available then we will keep it as an extra and no more.
See packaging details below.

The packaging will be as follows.

Download 1 or 2 shows separately
Or as a download package plus extras download

CD as 1 show or 2 shows sold separately
Or as 2 CD’s with extras CD as a pack

Or buy the download pack and the CD pack both including the extras

According to the bands, Facebook page these may be recordings from their April 7th,1990 Eat Me In St Louis shows in London at the Hammersmith Odeon.