The Story of MMXX

We’re living the most surreal, creepy and tragic years of modern era history.

This album tries to translate in words and music the sensations, the emotions and our sense of loss of these strange days. MMXX is the latin notation for 2020, the year that changed our lives forever. MMXXII stands for 2022, and our sense of loss gets worse and worse.

MMXX was recorded in two years. It was a great challenge because of its structure and its complex arrangement including a rock band and a choir, merging several styles together.
– Dario Lastella

Written and produced by Dario Lastella, except MMXXII  (music by Lastella – Mesina – Giugliano)

Arranged and performed by ifsounds
Mastered by Steve Kitch –

MMXX Sessions

Lino Giugliano – piano, organ, synth and keyboards
Dario Lastella – guitars, bass guitar, synth and vocals
Lino Mesina – drums
Italo Miscione – bass guitar
Runal – lead vocals
Ilaria Carlucci – lead and backing vocals

Guest Musicians:
Claudio Lapenna – vocals on MMXX and piano on Kandinsky’s Sky
Nadezhda Chalykh – vocals on MMXX
Mariano Gramegna – vocals on MMXX
Giovanni Liberatore – vocals on MMXX

Sleeve design by Laura Meffe

Release Date: Spring 2023
Catalog No. MRRCD 22220
Label: Melodic Revolution Records 
Format: CD, Digital and Streaming
Barcode: – 198015284826

Introduction of ifsounds

Dario Lastella is the guitarist, producer and the main songwriter of ifsounds. He founded the band in the 90s and has led the band since then.

Runal is the lead vocalist of ifsounds since 2013. He provides strong rock and blues vocals to the band’s progressive rock music.

Lino Mesina is a talented drummer. He joined ifsounds in 2015 and he is one of the main driving forces of the band.

Lino Giugliano is a pianist, keyboard player and composer. He joined ifsounds for live performances after the An Gorta Mór album, and as a full time member of the band for MMXX album.

Italo Miscione is an experienced bass player well known in the musical scene of Abruzzo. He joined ifsounds for the MMXX album.

Ilaria Carlucci is a talented vocalist, pianist and music teacher. She provided excellent vocals for the MMXX album.

The mad man is the happiest one but he frightens the right-minded world”

ifsounds are the images of our dreams and our nightmares. Music is just the shape we give to our stories, our hopes and our fears.

The ifsounds project brings together the talents of a group of musicians, all very different from each other, whose idea is to create a sound that is able to express an emotion, to describe a state of mind, to recount a story, to make a journey into the realms of inner consciousness.

The aim of ifsounds is to reproduce not only the world around us, but above all the world inside us, because each of us is the author of his own reality and his own existence.

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