The upcoming single from the album, “The Next Dream” serves as a precursor to the EP “Creatures of the Night.” It’s a poignant track denouncing global warfare and violence, crafted with lyrical collaboration from Patrizia Pieretti and the steadfast Gianluca del Torto.

The ensemble features Michael Trew of Moon Letters on lead vocals, with Amy Breathe providing backing vocals. Roberto Falcinelli and Luigi Pistillo handle guitars, Andrea Amici of Leviathan on synths, accompanied by the stirring strings of Ms. Lisa Green on violin and Gianni Pieri of Agorà on cello. Fabrizio Russo contributes with fretless bass, while drumming duties are expertly managed by the esteemed Mattias Olsson from Anglagard.

Francesco Mattei’s adept mixing and mastering finesse the track at the Underworld studio.

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