Event Link, watch from ANYWHERE in the world: Jac Dalton LIVE on Netgigs

Gday Mate,
Hope this finds you well, my cherished friend – with things getting better and better at your end each day. I’ve got some grand news to share with you!
In the wake of the overwhelming success of our recent UK HRH Festival / ‘Scorch The Sky’ tour, we’ve been asked to repeat the performance LIVE and DIRECT to the World ONLINE this Saturday, April 7th at 7pm Adelaide time via www.netgigs.com

NetGigs cutting edge HiRes technology brings the music/video experience to your digital device as it ACTUALLY looks and sounds LIVE – not the thin, tinny sounds we hear every day.
The cost of this LIVE performance is only $5. And whether you’re already a Jac Dalton fan or friend – or a curious melodic Rock aficionado – you can see for yourself the reason for all the excitement and this milestone in the band’s anthology.

We hope you’ll join us for this SPECIAL EVENT this Saturday April 7th, 7pm Adelaide time at…https://www.netgigs.com/events/jac-dalton/
Tickets available anytime. Access to the show anytime after it airs.
If you’re so inclined, please help us spread the word.
See you there!
Jac / Lund