According to a posting on the Jadis Facebook Page:


I’m busy putting the finishing touches to the new album, the mixing is nearly done and all the artwork has been finished. We are going through the mixes to make any last minute notes prior to mastering. During the week I have been editing an acoustic tune on the album which has some fantastic flute playing from Martin Orford and also features some excellent Hurdy Gurdy.

We also have a brand new website which we hope will be easier to navigate and plus it looks so much better. It will be updated with the new album artwork at the time of release and will have more recent photos. The website is linked below.

The album has been recorded over the last three years and once again has Steve Christey on drums and Andy Marlow playing bass. We have been fortunate this time to get some excellent musical contributions from former Jadis keyboard player Martin Orford.

I have once again been engineering and producing the CD in my modest studio although the drums have been recorded in various locations over the past few years using different kits, as Steve has plenty to choose from.

This is the first time we have recorded like this as usually the drums get recorded over a period of 2 days with the same kit. As usual Steve’s playing is brilliant and coupled with Andy’s excellent bass playing the rhythm section is stunning. ’No Fear of Looking Down’ will be independently released through our Jadismusic label and will have 8 tracks. It will be available in CD Digipak, Vinyl and Digital Download, and available on the new website.