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Dear Karibow Community, here it finally comes! We are happy to present to you the Official Trailer Video of our forthcoming new album “From Here to the Impossible” featuring Oliver Rusing Sean Timms, Jim Gilmour, Marek Arnold, Monique Van Der Kolk, Mark Truey Trueack, Daniel Lopresto, Jörg Eschrig, Thomas Wischt, Bob Calvato and Gerald Nahrgang. The new release will be out on 15 July and it can now be pre-ordered from Karibow Official Shop .

There are 4 different deluxe edition bundles to choose from on this pre order. Oliver Rusing once again brings us a comprehensive album with talent all over the world. Karibow’s From Here to the Impossible will be released worldwide on July/15th/2017. Here is the trailer …


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