Kodiak is working on new music and making new friends.  The band just released a new music video; GOODBYE. the video was premiered by SleezeRoxx.com on June 28th  

A simple video with footage from the studio and the band’s stage show, the video is a great introduction to the band- – the Biggiani brothers—drummer Pete and guitarist Chris, bassist TJ Haefner, lead singer Eric Dalton.

The group is also releasing a new single, ALONE. Carmine calls it a “future classic rock song.” Pete says “it’s one of our favorite songs to play live.  ALONE is a very uplifting song it really lets you know that you’re never truly Alone. No matter how hard life gets or what you’re going through. There will always be someone somewhere to be by your side. I think it’s important for everyone to know that now and then. We will always be there not only for our friends and family but our fans too.”

The New Jersey based Kodiak are signed to WorldSound/AWal Entertainment, and co-managed by legendary drummer Carmine Appice and Warren Wyatt. Warren was responsible for careers of Crimson Glory, Saigon Kick, and Carmine’s “Guitar Zeus” album series!

10 years ago, Carmine began mentoring Pete, when he won a contest to appear in the drum legend’s instructional DVD, Realistic Rock for Kids. 

Kodiak is releasing 3 singles this summer as they play festivals and make TV and radio appearances, plus live concerts, and get ready for an album later this year.

Kodiak have already turned heads with a number of hard rock/heavy metal legends VH1 / radio host Ed Trunk introduced the group, who played their first gig, opening for The Appice Brothers, at 2019’s Hall of Heavy Metal History Award Show Anaheim, California.  The group was compared to a young Van Halen!   

Listen to GOODBYE at https://smarturl.it/Kodiak
Listen to ALONE at https://kodiak.fanlink.to/Alone