Many years ago, I released Death Is Just A Feeling and I felt that it would be my last.

Little did I know that almost 5 years later I’d be writing this post, on a Friday the 13th, to bring to you the news about my upcoming double album, yes you read that right.

The new album will be called No One, and the sides will be called:

Songs for No One
Songs about No One

The album is personal, very personal. 
I was able to visit parts of my life that I managed to suppress for a long time, I explored new sounds, new instruments, and a lot of elements of electronic music. 

As usual, the album will feature my favorite artists from the international prog scene, I can’t wait to share the news with you. 

Release date and track list will be announced on Friday the 13th of May. 

Thank you for your continuous support and love, I love you too. 
Amadeus Awad

Amadeus Awad – Death Is Just A Feeling (2015)
Amadeus Awad’s EON – The Book of Gates (2014)
Amadeus Awad – Schizanimus (2013)
Amadeus Awad – Time of the Equinox (2013)
Amadeus Awad – Ghost Stories (2010)

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