Three years on from the debut, and Luxembourg-based Light Damage are back with an album that builds on the first album and expands on that platform. Another change of drummer with Christophe Szczryk now on board, but there is also the use of guests which have allowed the band to bring in cello, double bass, violin, flute and most notably two female singers. One of these, Marilyn Placek, is involved with the one truly epic song, “From Minor to Sailor” which nearly break the twenty-minute barrier.

On the first album I said they reminded me of Guy Manning, and although that is still very much the case, they have hardened the sound as well as broadened it, so although we can be treated to some flowing piano and delicate bass, this can give way to some driving riffing guitars. I am also very impressed with Szczryk who really understands his place in the band, so much so that he can be driving the band with incredibly strong drumming (along with some great rolls around the kit), or just sits back and takes a breather and contributes to the overall sound by playing absolutely nothing.  There is also a superb use of different sounds from cymbals, which provides a superb backdrop for the rest of the band. Guitarist Stéphane Lecocq has also really matured with this album, and his powerful interplay with keyboard player Sébastien Pérignon really drives the band on.

Strong neo-prog with large elements of both symphonic and hard rock, this is a wonderful follow-up. It will be interesting indeed to see how this band progresses over the next few years, as two albums in they are already very impressive indeed.   8/10